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[Minister Suh Wook] “We will strive to strengthen quarantine measures for troops deployed overseas, and prevent outbreaks in the...

-Suh emphasized priorities at National Defense Committee general meeting
-Suh also expressed his interest in upgrading living conditions and barracks culture for soldiers

[Minister Suh Wook] “We will strive to strengthen

On July 26, Minister of National Defense Suh Wook reemphasized his interest in actively pushing for vaccination so that soldiers can reach herd immunity as early as possible.

“I think the safety and health of soldiers are a prerequisite for strong national security,” Suh said in his opening remarks during the National Assembly’s National Defense Committee general meeting, held on the same day.

520,000 soldiers who are eligible and consented to vaccination, of a total of 550,000 soldiers, have received their first dose of the vaccine. Of these, 497,000 soldiers have also completed their second vaccination. With regard to the troops deployed overseas, 954 soldiers of 1010 soldiers eligible for vaccination have received their first dose, and 887 of these have completed their second vaccination.

Suh clarified that the military will work to supplement and strengthen all COVID-related measures, including quarantine measures for the troops deployed overseas. “Our military has done its utmost to help our soldiers, including the troops deployed overseas, receive their vaccinations rapidly and safely,” he said, adding that despite such efforts, there has been a "lack of close attention to the vaccination of the soldiers of the 34th contingent of the Cheonghae Unit departed in February.”

“The ministry is working to provide support to the soldiers of the 34th contingent of the Cheonghea Unit, who have raised the status of our armed forces, and protected the safety and lives of the people, under difficult conditions, so that they can get back in shape as soon as possible,” Suh said, stressing that “The ministry will work to supplement measures to help soldiers carry out their duties in a safer and healthier way, as well as strengthen the quarantine measures for the troops deployed overseas.”

“We will strengthen our efforts to prevent infection in the military, and make thorough preparations for the maintenance of a readiness posture by conducting security operations and training in compliance with quarantine guidelines,” Suh also explained, adding that “We will take responsibility for the support for pan-government measures to swiftly overcome the fourth wave of COVID-19 and return to ‘normal and peaceful life.’”

Suh also expressed his will to completely change the military for the better by taking the recent series of grave situations as a stepping stone toward a new leap forward.

“The military has been fundamentally upgrading living conditions and barracks culture for soldiers since the launch of a public-private-military joint committee in June,” Suh said. “With regard to the tragic suicide of a noncommissioned Air Force officer who had been sexually harassed, the military has appointed a special prosecutor, a first since the founding of the country’s armed forces, after the interim investigation announcement, to make sure that the probe is conducted in a way that is fair and ensures justice is served.”

“Maintaining a strong defense posture, our military will continue to strive to become strong and trusted armed forces by putting ‘justice’ and ‘human rights’ ahead of anything else,” Suh added, asking for “warm-hearted support for and encouragement to soldiers so that they can have a sense of pride and dignity.”

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