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Moon emphasizes that “unity of the people is the most powerful source of defense power and security”

In speech at ceremony to commemorate West Sea Defense Day, Moon said “military remains firm in our security readiness to defeat any provocations”
“The government will complete building a 30,000-ton class light aircraft carrier by 2033, and launch the 3000-ton class submarine project by 2024”

Moon emphasizes that “unity of the people is the m

On March 26, President Moon Jae-in said that the unity of the people is the most powerful source of defense power and security, stressing that protecting the nation and the peace of the people with strong defense power and security is the only way to truly repay the West Sea heroes for their sacrifices.

“The history of West Sea defense is a source of pride and self-confidence. We should be united as one, keeping the spirit of West Sea defense in mind,” Moon said in the event to commemorate the 6th ‘West Sea Defense Day’ held at the Navy’s Second Fleet Command in Pyeongtaek on Friday.

“We have continously worked hard to build the overwhelming military strength needed to preserve and create peace,” Moon said, adding “In the past four years, not a single soldier has been injured or killed in the West Sea due to armed clashes or military provocations. Respecting the Northern Limit Line, our military remains firm in its readiness posture from Baekryeongdo, one of the nation’s northernmost islands, to Yeonpyeong-do. This is proof that a powerful force ensures peace.”

“The government will maintain and ensure peace on the Korean Peninsula, with the naval strength for victory representing ‘win in every fight, win without a fight,’” Moon said, highlighting the government’s plan to deploy a 30,000-ton class light aircraft carrier by 2033, which will be built using Korea’s world-class shipbuilding technology, and to complete the 3,000-ton submarine program, which has been under force integration since 2018, by 2024.

“We have our own world-class missile capability, which is sufficient enough to ensure the nation’s self-defense and allows us to follow the principle of a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula,” Moon explained, adding “We will also soon reveal to the people the next-generation KF-X fighter jet that we have developed with our own technology.”

“I am proud to say that we remain firm in our security readiness to defeat any provocations, backed by our own military strength that is stronger than ever before, and supported by the firm ROK-US alliance,” Moon stressed.

Moon also commemorated the memory of the soldiers who gave their lives to defend West Sea. “We never forgot the heroes,” he said. “The Navy decided to christen the Navy’s new convoy, set to be launched in 2023, as the ‘Cheonan,’ and this will serve as the Navy’s leading convoy equipped with powerful weapons produced right here in Korea, including the sea bow (Haegung), red shark (Hongsangeo), sea dragon (Haeryong), and blue shark (Cheonsangeo).” One day earlier, the Navy christened its new seventh unit Daegu-class convoy, set to be launched in 2023, as the ‘Cheonan,’ a decision made by a committee for ship naming.

“The spirit of respecting and honoring patriotic sacrifices serves as the power uniting the people as one, and as the foundation of a strong nation,” Moon also said, adding that “the government will work to provide timely support for veterans through a swift review process, as well as to strengthen the national verification liability for sacrifices for the nation, including injuries, in a manner that is transparent to the public.”

The Moon Jae-in administration has increased the allowance for veterans honor by 55% to 340,000 won from 220,000 won a month since its inauguration, and maintains the rise keynote. The government also increased the reduction and waiver of medical treatment cost for war veterans, to 90% from 60%. It is also working to come up with a plan to allow war veterans to receive drugs at a reduced cost in entrusted hospitals; currently, this 60% to 90% reduction is currently only available from the Veterans Hospital.

Before the ceremony, Moon visited the Monument to the Second Battle of Yeonpyeong to pay respects to eight heroes killed in the Second Battle of Yeonpyeong and the shelling of Yeonpyeong Island. After the ceremony, Moon visited the monument to the 46 soldiers who died in the sinking of the Cheonan warship to pray for the fallen and their bereaved families.

The sixth anniversary of the West Sea Defense Day also marked the first time the ceremony was held in the Navy’s Second Fleet (aboard two landing ships; Nojeokbong and Cheonjabong). The ceremony was previously held in Daejeon National Cemetery. This is the second time Moon has participated in the ceremony since taking office last year.

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