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President Moon’s congratulatory message on Reserve Forces Day

[President Moon’s congratulatory message on Reserve Forces Day] “Reserve forces play a great role in disaster recovery and COVID-19 control”

In a message to celebrate the 53rd Reserve Forces Day, President Moon stresses the importance of building elite reserve forces through modernization and a scientific approach
Minister Suh thanks reserve forces for their “patriotism and sacrifices”

[President Moon’s congratulatory message on Reserv

On April 1, one day before the ‘53rd anniversary of Reserve Forces Day,’ President Moon encouraged the reserve forces who are devoting themselves to training and disaster recovery.

In a message to celebrate the 53rd anniversary of the foundation of the reserve forces, Moon said “Seeing the reserve forces devoting themselves to regular training, and putting in the hard work at a disaster recovery site, truly confirms the power of their patriotism.”

“(Reserve forces) play a great role in responding to COVID-19 by assisting in temporary screening clinics,” Moon added, expressing his thanks and respect.

“Our government has pushed for the development of the reserve forces, with a focus on internal stability, by adopting the ‘creation of elite reserve forces’ as a national agenda,” Moon said, stressing that “our government has been working on the introduction of scientific drill systems, including a virtual shooting simulator, as well as the modernization of weapons and equipment, since the foundation of the Mobilization Force Command (MFC) in 2018.”

Minister of National Defense Suh Wook also expressed his “deep thanks for the patriotism and sacrifices of the reserve forces, including commanding officers of reserve forces, who have dedicated themselves on the frontlines of COVID-19 control, such as temporary screening clinics in the metropolitan area” during his congratulatory speech.

“Taking the weapons system of the mobilization command to the same level as the weapons system of the standby command, we are striving to create elite reserve forces who are one of the mainstays of our national security by continuously pushing for the introduction of the reserve force system based on peacetime service and the creation of a scientific reserve force training area,” Suh added.

Suh went on to comment, “I believe you will come anytime and from anywhere to complete your duties when you are called up in the event of a national crisis,” stressing that reserve forces will serve as a pivot in achieving an integrated defense power between the people and the military, as well as a core military strength for the peace and security of the Republic of Korea.

The Thursday event, presided over by the ministry, was held to boost the morale of model reserve forces by awarding troops, agencies, and individuals who had contributed to fostering and developing reserve forces.

The ministry holds a pan-national event on the Reserve Forces Day since its elevation to a national celebration day in 1973. This year’s event was operated on a much smaller scale in consideration of the social distancing level given the COVID-19 situation. Following this, local governments held an event in some regions, including Chungcheongbuk-do, while military units held a celebration ceremony and commendation event for persons of merit in Seoul.

During the event, the ministry awarded prizes to 24 units and agencies, including the 6th Army Corps and the 37th Division, which had received a presidential commendation after being selected as excellent units fostering reserve forces. 281 persons, including reserve forces, public officials, soldiers, civilian military employees, and civilians, who made a significant contribution to the development of reserve force work, also received individual prizes, such as presidential commendations.

Significantly, 40 model reserve soldiers who dedicated themselves to the development of the reserve forces and the completion of a combined defense posture, participated in the non-contact video event to encourage the reserve forces, presided over by Minister Suh. Expressing thanks for the dedication and hard work of all reserve forces, including those present, Suh asked them to “continuously pay attention to and to strive for the development of the reserve forces.”

Meanwhile, citing the fact that this year’s mobilized training for reserve forces had been put off until the second half of the year due to the COVID-19 situation, a ministry spokesperson announced that the mobilized training for reserve officers on non-standing service will be carried out beginning on April 10 after thorough COVID-19 control measures have been prepared. “In my judgment, the participation of reserve officers in a mobilized training will contribute to the all-year combat readiness posture of the mobilization-centered units, including the MFC,” a ministry official said.

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