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Military soldiers under the age of 30 to receive Pfizer vaccines from May

Military soldiers under the age of 30 to receive Pfizer vaccines from May


The Ministry of National Defense has a plan to begin vaccinations for workers on airplanes and ships and soldiers in GPs and GOPs

Military soldiers under the age of 30 to receive P


Military soldiers under the age of 30 who were excluded from the list of recipients of the AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine will receive Pfizer vaccines starting in May.


The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency announced this in its report on the ‘plan to push for COVID-19 vaccinations in May and June’ at the meeting to review special quarantine to respond to COVID-19, which was held in Cheong Wa Dae on May 3. Under the plan, approximately 452,000 military soldiers under the age of 30 will be vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine at military hospitals and units, in line with a separate vaccination plan.


Boo Seung-chan, a spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense, also said in a regular briefing on Monday that the ministry is “in discussion with health authorities” regarding the vaccination plan for soldiers under the age of 30. As Boo also explained, “The ministry will strive to complete the vaccination of required service members, including workers on airplanes, ships, and submarines, and the soldiers in GPs and GOPs, as quickly as possible.”


Boo also said “There is no problem with the AZ vaccine inventory,” adding “The campaign is underway smoothly, and more people are receiving the vaccines than planned.”


Earlier in the day, the ministry decided to extend the current level two social distancing in the military and the unit management guidelines targeting all units, for three weeks until the 23rd, in line with the government’s quarantine guidelines. The ministry also decided to continue to apply some strengthened guidelines by extending the current special quarantine period for one week until the 9th. Significantly, the Navy decided to continue the level 2.5 social distancing on ships and among the main troops until the 7th in line with its own plan. “The ministry decided to keep the ‘ban on private gatherings of five or more people,’ while it decided to cancel the ban on gatherings and get-togethers in line with the government’s ‘cancellation of the ban on public gatherings,’” the spokesperson added.


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