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US B-52H strategic bombers have been deployed on Korean Peninsul...

US B-52H strategic bombers have been deployed on Korean Peninsula and have conducted aerial drills in conjunction with South Korea

-South Korea-US Air Force fighters, including F-35A and F-15E, have carried out combined aerial drills with US strategic bombers
-Regular visibility of US strategic assets deployment has been improved and has evolved to embody a South Korea-US joint approach to extended deterrence

On Friday, June 30, Korea and the United States conducted combined aerial drills involving US B-52H strategic bombers that are stationed on the Korean Peninsula. These exercises, which took place in local airspace, featured ROKAF F-35A and KF-16 and US F-16, as well as F-15E fighters.

This deployment occurred just two weeks after a US Navy nuclear-powered guided missile submarine (SSGN) made a port call to Busan on June 16. This action aims to augment the frequency and power of US strategic asset deployment on the Korean Peninsula, an assessment that suggests the visibility of these deployments has increased. 

In addition, both countries displayed a firm commitment to strengthening the combined defense posture by enhancing interoperability between US extended deterrence forces including nuclear strength and South Korean high-tech and conventional forces with combined aerial exercises.

Going forward, South Korea and the United States will work closely to conduct combined exercises linked to the regular deployment of strategic bombers on the Korean Peninsula. By improving the interoperability of the Korea-US combined forces and implementing extended deterrence jointly, they aim to realize peace through strength, drawing on the overwhelming capability of the ROK-US alliance.


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