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“Young US soldiers in Korea take on new leadership role in strengthening ROK-US alliance”

“Young US soldiers in Korea take on new leadership role in strengthening ROK-US alliance”

“Young US soldiers in Korea take on new leadership

On December 19, Korea Defense Veterans Association-Korea Chapter (KDVA-KR) held the 2020 KDVA Alliance Education Conference for Junior Service Members at the United States (US) Air Force base in Osan.

Presided over by the KDVA-KR, the conference to strengthen the ROK-US alliance is held with the goal of planting a seed in the hearts of junior members of the US forces in Korea that will ensure a bright future for the ROK-US alliance.

This conference was attended by some 60 people, including KDVA-KR President Lee Seo-young (retired major general and former defense attaché to the US), KDVA-KR senior vice president Choi Byeong-hyeok (retired general and former deputy commander of the ROK-US combined forces command), General Steven Williams (chief of staff, US forces in Korea), main officials of the US 7th Air Force Command and primary grade soldiers. The conference started with a congratulatory address from President Lee Seo-young and was followed by a congratulatory address from General Williams, a guest lecture by Hwang Jun-guk (former ambassador to the United Kingdom) with the title ‘Importance of ROK-US alliance and security of ROK,’ and then some time for discussion on ways to strengthen the ROK-US alliance.

“The bust of Captain Van Fleet, standing in front of the Osan Air Base officers’ club, is a symbol of the blood alliance forged between the ROK and US,” Lee said in his congratulatory address, stressing that “we have become the 10th greatest economic power in the world by maintaining a strong ROK-US combined defense system that has contained war and kept the peace for the last 70 years.” He also asked junior members of the US forces in Korea to play a new leadership role in strengthening the ROK-US alliance as the US war veterans advance in age.

“I served as an F-16 pilot at the Gunsan Air Force base in 1991 when I was first lieutenant, and I served as a deputy commander of the US 8th Fighter Wing in 2011 when I was colonel. I feel honored to be promoted to general and assigned as chief of staff of the US forces in Korea,” Williams said in his congratulatory address. He also expressed his sincere thanks to the “KDVA-KR members who made young soldiers of the US forces in Korea aware of the significance of the ROK-US alliance.”

KDVA-KR is a Korea chapter for ‘KDVA’ chaired by Vincent Brooks, retired general and former commander of ROK-US Combined Forces Command.

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