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President Moon Jae-in begins New Year’s day on an air patrol flight

Moon made history as the first commander-in-chief to ride in a ‘Peace Eye’ aircraft: “Peace cannot exist without a strong national security”
Moon gave his encouragement to members of the military while inspecting the readiness posture on land, at sea and in the air: “I feel assured and grateful for the military, as it allowed the people to greet a peaceful new year.”
Paying his respects at Seoul National Cemetery, Moon emphasized the need for a “leap toward becoming a leading nation, as well as allowing the people to return to their daily lives.”

President Moon Jae-in begins New Year’s day on an

President Moon Jae-in began New Year’s day on an air ‘patrol flight’ to inspect the readiness posture on land, at sea and in the air across the Korean Peninsula. The Cheong Wa Dae spokesperson explained this was Moon’s first task of the New Year due to his judgment that ‘peace cannot exist without a strong national security.’

Moon went on a command flight at 6:30 a.m. that day after receiving reports on the data and completed duties of ‘Peace Eye (E-737),’ an airborne control aircraft of the Air Force, at the 15th special mission flight group of the Air Force accompanying the Chairperson of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Won In-choul.

The E-737 aircraft is referred to as a ‘command post in the air,’ and serves as a core part of the Air Force’s strategies for air surveillance, early warning, and command and control. Moon made history by being the first commander-in-chief to ride in the Peace Eye E-737 aircraft.

Flying over the country’s land and sea for about two hours, Moon spoke on the phone with several military commanders, including Lieutenant Colonel Oh Dong-seok, commander of the guard outpost (GOP) battalion of the 22nd Army Division, Colonel Lee Jong-moon, commander of Yeonpyeong Unit of the Marine Corps, Brigadier General Cha Jun-seon, director of Aerospace Operations Division of the Air Force Operations Command, and Captain Ryu Yun-sang, captain of Aegis Destroyer (DDG) Yulgok YiYi.

After asking whether any unusual situations had occurred, Moon said that the military was doing a good job day and night in security operations to maintain a perfect readiness posture, stressing that he feels assured and grateful to them as their dedication allowed the people to greet a peaceful new year. Moon also asked them to send the President’s New Year greetings to soldiers.

“You are doing a good job in implementing air defense and perfect escort duties. I feel assured by watching you in a flight up close. I wish you safety and good health,” Moon added while receiving reports on the completed escort duties from the commander of formation flight F-15K (two jets) and F-16 (two jets) to escort the command flight of the E-737.

Speaking with Lieutenant Colonel Park Yong-gyu, commander of the Akh Unit dispatched to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Moon also expressed his sincere thanks for the hard work and diplomatic role Colonel Park has played in maintaining security cooperation between the Republic of Korea (ROK) and the UAE. “I wish all of the soldiers good health, and ask for your commitment to their safety,” Moon said.

After the flight, Moon expressed his deep thanks on behalf of the people, stressing the fact that “the military helped the people quarantine and led the way in overcoming the crisis as well as fulfilling its original duty of ensuring security amid the tough year of 2020, for all of the people.” “This year, let’s enable all of the people to return to their happy daily lives while the ROK takes a leap toward becoming a leading nation. I wish our people the best,” he added.

On the next day, January 2, Moon paid his respects and strengthened his New Year’s resolutions in national administration at the Seoul National Cemetery. After offering flowers and incense, Moon paid a silent tribute to those patriots who gave up their lives and the souls of all the fallen heroes who died protecting their homeland. He wrote a note saying “I will allow the people to return to their daily lives and take a leap toward becoming a leading nation” in the guest book. He was accompanied by state ministers, including Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun, Minister of National Defense Suh Wook, and Minister of the Interior and Safety Jeon Hae-cheol, and Cheong Wa Dae staffers, including Director of National Security Office Suh Hoon and Chief of Staff to the President You Young-min.

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