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“Confirmed desire to join together in cooperation to overcome shared crisis of the international community'

Seoul Defense Dialogue 2020 closed
Reconfirmed mutual understanding of response to non-traditional security threats
and the appropriateness of maintaining peace on the Korean Peninsula

“국제사회 공동 위기 극복 위한 연대·협력 의지 굳게 확인”

Seoul Defense Dialogue 2020 for multilateral security and the establishment of peace on the Korean Peninsula in the Asia-Pacific region came to a close on September 3. This year, it took the form of a special contact-free video seminar due to COVID-19, and officially closed with a closing ceremony as the last segment.

This is the 9th SDD, a vice-minister level multilateral security consultative group formed by the Ministry of National Defense to promote peace on the Korean Peninsula and security cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region. Since it was launched in 2012, SDD has been positioned as an international defense representative meeting with the support of the international community.

As it was not possible for the officials involved to meet face to face due to COVID-19, this year's SDD was meaningful, as the officials and security experts from around the world got together online. It was also a significant chance to reflect on everyone's hopes to make a safer and more peaceful world.

In the sessions on Day 1, the attendants confirmed their desire for cooperative leadership to solve the shared problems of the international community while dealing with this COVID-19 crisis.

On the following day, attendees reached a consensus around the need for national defense to adopt a new role of protecting people from non-traditional threats such as infectious disease, disaster and cyber threats. The attendees also agreed that the military needs to establish a new role and strategy for responses to traditional and non-traditional security threats, to allocate limited resources effectively, and to secure public support for its new role.

On the last day, the attendees reconfirmed that the North's denuclearization is a challenge that goes beyond the region and is a concern related to world peace, and that the process on the Korean Peninsula should continue.

At the closing ceremony, Deputy Minister of National Defense Park Jea-min said that he was really glad to have held a successful SDD with the support and interest of many people, despite the harsh circumstances, and particularly thanked the panelists who took the time to give their opinions.

"Through this SDD, we've clearly confirmed our solidarity and cooperation to overcome the shared crisis of the international community in our 3-day discussion. I'm looking forward to the continued interests and actions of the defense officials and experts from Korea and abroad to make these desires come true." said the Deputy Minister.

He also continued, "Throughout the history of human race, solidarity and cooperation in a crisis has been part of our DNA. As we have done so far, I have no doubt that we will overcome this COVID-19 crisis together successfully. SDD will continue its efforts to provide a forum for conversation where the international society can come together as one. I hope we can see each other in Seoul next year."

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