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Nominee for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Won In-Choul stresses the “accomplishment of the military’s proper duty”

Nominee for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

During the parliamentary confirmation hearing:

Nominee for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) Won In-choul unveiled a blueprint for the completion of an omnidirectional military readiness posture, deterrence and the assurance of a complete victory.

During the parliamentary confirmation hearings held on September 18, Won unveiled four target goals, stressing his willingness to “look into the President’s principles in commanding the military and the Minister of National Defense’s intention of command.”

Above all, Won highlighted the completion of an omnidirectional military readiness posture. “The military will actively respond to supranational and non-military threats, as well as military threats in times of peace or war, by strengthening the combined and joint operational capabilities based on a strong combined defense posture,” he said, stressing that the military will “carry out its proper duty by responding sternly to any provocation or threat.”

Won also expressed his willingness to enhance the completeness of security operations in times of peace, citing some unsatisfactory areas in terms of the security operations posture. Regarding the transfer of wartime operational control (OPCON), he commented that “we will continue to strengthen our military’s defense capability and strive to meet the necessary conditions for the transfer of wartime OPCON based on the firm alliance between the Republic of Korea and the United States.”

Won also pledged to actively push forward with Defense Reform 2.0. “The Defense Reform 2.0 initiative is a need of the times that cannot be delayed any longer. We will reform the military structure to make strong forces based on jointness, and will expand high-tech military strength and military capabilities befitting the era of the 4th industrial revolution,” he said. Ending his speech, he vowed to “embody a ‘military worthy of the military’ that is trusted by the people by fostering strong forces that can ‘respond to any threats’ and ‘achieve complete victory.’”

The National Defense Committee (NDC) adopted the confirmation report on Won on the same day. “Won has expertise in commanding the combined operations. He has the qualifications and abilities required for performing the JCS Chairman’s duties, such as the transfer of wartime OPCON and the completion of a military readiness posture,” an official from the NDC assessed.

By Su-Yeol, Maeng

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