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Minister of National Defense Suh Wook encourages soldiers on the Great King Sejong Warship
On January 2, Minister of National Defense Suh Wook inspected the military readiness posture and encouraged soldiers during his visit to the Great King Sejong Destroyer, which was in operation in East Sea, and the general outpost (GOP) battalion in the eastern section of the front line.
Suh started with his inspection on mission readiness after receiving a report on the operational status from the combat command center of the destroyer. He also encouraged soldiers while inspecting the combined and joint operations accomplishment readiness during a video teleconference (VTC) with the staff working for the command control center of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), Combined Forces Command, Naval Operations Command and Air Force Operations Command. “By dedicating yourselves to national security 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, you serve as the central nerve in the security of the Republic of Korea. I ask you to make full preparations for accomplishing your mission, while maintaining your pride and a sense of duty.”
Suh also visited the GOP battalion in the eastern section of the front line to inspect the results of measures to reinforce scientific security operational systems, as well as security situations of guard posts (GP) and general outposts(GOP).


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