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Ministry of National Defense’s policy report for 2021: 『Republic of Korea 2021 for Recovery·Inclusiveness·Resurgence』
Ministry of National Defense’s policy report for 2021
『 Republic of Korea 2021 for Recovery·Inclusiveness·Resurgence 』
Strong Security, Proud Military, Cooperative Defense

The Ministry of National Defense announced a policy report for 2021 with the title ‘Strong Security, Proud Military, Cooperative Defense’ at the video conference room on the 3rd floor of the Yeominkwan, Cheong Wa Dae at 15:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 21. The briefing session was attended by a number of key government officials, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Unification.

The ministry’s core policies for 2021 are as follows.
◈ Establishing an omnidirectional defense posture
◈ Securing peace on the Korean Peninsula through the implementation of ‘September 19 military agreement’
◈ Accelerating the transfer of OPCON and stabilizing the pending alliance issues
◈ Building the defense capability required to lead the future
◈ Operating a proactive COVID-19 quarantine system and supporting government-wide responses
◈ Applying ‘Korean New Deal’ to the defense area
◈ Creating a defense environment that is trusted by the people
Our military will take an active part in embodying ‘strong security, proud military, cooperative defense’ as a security keeper to protect the lives and safety of the people by actively supporting the government’s policy for 2021 - ‘recovery’ · ‘inclusiveness’ · ‘resurgence’ - based on a strong security posture to create, keep and cultivate peace.
In the ministry’s policy report for 2021, the military pledged to fulfill its original mission of defending the country and protecting the lives and property of the people by actively pushing for defense policies for 2021 and embodying ‘strong security, proud military, cooperative defense,’ while maintaining a firm defense posture.


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