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Army Produces First Female Officer Drone Operator

Army’s 9th Division Captain Cha Seo-hyun acquired the drone license

“I will do my duty at the drone training center to train dronebot operators”




The Korean Army has produced its first female officer drone operator.

The Army’s 9th Division announced on July 10th that Division Captain Cha Seo-hyun had finally passed the qualification test for drone operators, which was hosted by the International Drone Safety Security Association and took place in the Gyunggi Human Resources Development Center of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It has been four months since 36th Division Sergeant Yun Hee-young became the first female soldier to obtain a drone operator’s license. Captain Cha took on the challenge of earning the drone operator’s license as an expert in combat, with confidence in the infinite applicability of dronebot, one of ‛five game changers’ that has been set up by the Army as the core of military strength that will lead the future battlefield.

This was a big challenge for Captain Cha, who had not specialized in drones. But even with her busy duties, she continued to study in her spare time and passed the written test for aviation regulations, aeronautical engineer, and flight theory and operation. Every weekend for the last two months, she has immersed herself in drone operation practice to prepare for the flight test, including the completion of the officially recognized 20-hour drone flight that is required for qualification. She finally passed the practical test for taxiing, air and landing work, and became the 'first female officer drone operator' on the list of successful applicants.

“The dronebot combat system will lead the battlefield of the future in various areas, including collecting enemy intelligence, striking high-payoff targets, air resupply, and defending main facilities,” said Captain Cha. “My final goal is to train dronebot operators in a drone training center that will be set up in the forward corps and backward corps by 2020 to develop a combat system. I plan to continue to study designing, assembling, and repairing drones, as well as operating them," she stated, highlighting her ambitions.



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