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“Defense Security Command Will Be Reorganized After 30% Reduction in Force”

On August 2, the Ministry of National Defense's Defense Security Command Reform Panel (DSC Reform Panel) announced that "the number of DSC unit personnel will be slashed by 30% and a reform plan to have it reborn as an elite and specialized unit will be recommended. We will deliver three proposals for overhauling the DSC to Minister Song Young-moo: carrying out a fundamental reform while maintaining the basic command structure, reshaping the DSC into an organization subordinate to the Defense Ministry, and creating an independent government agency after undergoing legislative procedures.“


In the afternoon, the DSC Reform Panel Chief Jang Young-dal announced recommendations for a DSC reform plan in a press conference held at the Ministry’s headquarters in Seoul.


“We have reviewed the issues on the DSC in general. We will abolish the presidential and DSC decrees as the legal basis of the installation and operation of the DSC, as well as abolish every institutional strategy,” Chief Jang explained.


“We expect an end to the military intelligence unit’s illegal political interference, surveillance of innocent civilians, and misguided sense of privilege over other military branches, which has affected military morale,” Jang added.


In line with the reform plans, the "60-DSC units" installed in 11 areas, including Seoul and other metropolitan cities, will be abolished entirely.


“Once those reform plans are put in place, the DSC’s illegal political interference and surveillance of innocent civilians, as well as the behaviors of its commanders with their misguided sense of privilege, which has hindered military morale, will be eradicated,” Jang emphasized.




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