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Accuracy of the expected demand for repair parts rises to 79-80%

The Ministry of National Defense has embarked on revolution in military logistics after holding a conference for revolution in military logistics on April 18th. On that day, the Deputy Defense Minister Seo Joo-seok hosted a committee for revolution in military logistics to establish a plan to push forward revolution in military logistics.

Revolution in military logistics aims not only to improve the quality of military supplies but to find out a solution to inefficiency, existing in a series of processes from acquisition to disuse, and to put it into practice. The defense ministry's attempt was expanded last year to all the areas related to military logistics, including quality improvement of military supplies, maintenance support, and ammunition support since its start in three areas like procurement, management of repair parts, and logistics in 2014. This produced tangible results such as a rise in the accuracy of the expected demand for repair parts from 71% to 79% and the streamlined average annual budget of over 70 billion won.

Based on the results, the defense ministry plans to concentrate on more innovative and important solutions through 'choice and concentration' from this year to upgrade and further develop revolution in military logistics. Accordingly, 18 subprojects from six projects in three areas-strengthening combat readiness, streamlining military logistics management, and improving customer satisfaction-have been decided under the vision of ‘competent security, stronger and smarter military logistics taking responsibility for national defense, together with the people.' The defense ministry expects that this will produce results such as an increase in the accuracy of the expected demand for repair parts (79%80%), streamlined budget (cost saving over 65 billion won), improvement of soldier satisfaction with feeding, and ensuring safety and property rights for the residents near the ammunition forces.

“Along with defense reform, revolution in military logistics is of great importance to such an extent that it is perceived as the 'future of Korean military.' I ask you to strive for revolution in military logistics in connection with Defense Reform 2.0,” the deputy defense minister Seo said at the conference.  



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