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Two Koreas Normalize 'Maritime Communication Hotline' in the West Sea

On July 1st, a Ministry of National Defense spokesperson announced: “As part of efforts to implement the Panmunjom Declaration and agreements made during the 8th Inter-Korean General-level Military Talks, the two Koreas' military authorities have normalized the maritime communication hotline in order to prevent unexpected confrontations, especially in the West Sea. During the 9 o'clock test communication earlier in the day, a Republic of Korean naval patrol boat near Yeonpyeong Island contacted a North Korean patrol boat via an international radio channel, and the North Korean patrol boat responded immediately.”

And with this, the two Koreas resumed the maritime communication hot line in the West Sea for the first time in 10 years (since May 2008). The ministry considers the restoration of military communication lines as a practical measure to faithfully implement the military-related agreements made during the Panmunjom Declaration. “'Exchanges of information on illegal fishing by third countries' and 'development of a channel to prevent unexpected confrontations,' priorities stated in the agreement made between the two Koreas on June 4, 2004, will be carried forward, in connection with the restoration of the military communication lines in the West Sea,” the ministry spokesperson added. 

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