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[The 5th Air Mobility Wing] 'We will support safe landing in any circumstances'

On February 27th, the Republic of Korean 5th Air Mobility Wing (5th Wing) carried out an exercise to ensure the proficient operation of the "BAK-12 (Barrier Arresting Kit 12) aircraft arresting system" based on a scenario in which an F-4E fighter jet needs to make an emergency landing on a runway.

The aircraft arresting system is a safety system installed at both ends of a runway for aircraft to arrest any deviation when aircraft does not decelerate while landing on a runway due to a malfunction.

The exercise started with the report of an emergency by the F-4E fighter jet, which was in the middle of air training in airspace near Suwon Air Base after it was dispatched, followed by its request to make an emergency landing on the 5th Wing runway.

When the situation was detected, the aircraft rescue team of the 5th Wing's facility squadron was promptly sent to the south end of the runway. The team got everything prepared through rapid installation of the aircraft arresting system and a detailed check on cable connection.

The F-4E fighter jet taxied down the runway at a great rate of speed, and the exercise ended with the F-4E fighter jet being successfully stopped by the aircraft arresting system cable, just before it could deviate from the runway.

“The runway aircraft arresting system is indispensable for ensuring safe landings and preventing damage to civilian facilities and lives near the air base," said senior master sergeant Kwon Dae-hyun, chief of the aircraft rescue team of the 5th Wing's facility squadron. Kwon added, “We will help ensure safe aircraft landings in any circumstances through regular training and checks.” 

On the same day, the 5th Wing also carried out a comprehensive functional check on the aircraft arresting system installed at the south and north ends of the runway.

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