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[Air Defense Control Command] Test operation of drone-based guard and surveillance system

Test operation of drone-based guard and surveillan

On March 15, the Air Defense Control Command discussed measures to develop a "drone-based guard and surveillance system" at the "tactical discussion to enhance the control unit's capability of defending its base" hosted by Major General and Commander Choi Geun-young at the main conference room of the Command.

The tactical discussion was attended by 30 people including commanders, staff, and hands-on workers from the headquarters of the command to seek measures to enhance and develop the capability to defend the base, secure its survivability and guarantee the conditions for duty implementation at the beginning of war.

Significantly, the participants had an in-depth discussion of the effective test operation of the "drone-based integrated guard and surveillance system" and measures to spread it, which is promoted by the military police corps (MPC) of the Air Force Headquarters.

As well, various matters were discussed that included the construction of a remote surveillance system in the control unit, the application of a scientific guard system, a contest of the best examples of defending a base, and additional installation of CCTVs.

Commander Choi said, “We not only should develop our capability of defending the base but also improve the battlefield functions of the base defense system, including through battlefield awareness, firepower operation, and defense, based on the outcome of this discussion,” and stressed, “We will continue to make efforts to find what needs to be enhanced and improved to secure the survivability of the control radar, the enemy's first target at the beginning of a war.” 



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