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[Dongmyung Unit in Lebanon] 'Light of Peace' from East brightens Lebanon

[Dongmyung Unit in Lebanon]

Recently, the Dongmyung Unit in Lebanon held a ceremony to celebrate its 11th anniversary and an UN medal awarding ceremony under the supervision of Michael Berry, commander of U.N. Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL), and the major general of Irish Army.

The ceremonies were attended by about 300 people, including Lee Young-man, Republic of Korean Ambassador to Lebanon, major officials from UNIFIL and Lebanon Army, Lebanon's political personnel, and local residents. UN medals are awarded to the dispatched soldiers who successfully completed their duties for at least 90 days to keep peace in troubled regions.

The ceremonies on that day were widely accepted by local residents and the soldiers dispatched from neighboring countries, for a reception and a get-together festival which took place in the ceremonies in order to promote Korea through Korean food, promotion video, and traditional Korean games, and to experience Korean culture.

“The Dongmyung Unit is Republic of Korean Army's longest dispatched unit. We will do our best to inspire Lebanon to have peace and hope and will take the lead in enhancing Republic of Korea's status with pride in representing our nation,” said Jin, Cheol-ho, deputy commander of the Dongmyung Unit and colonel.

The Dongmyung Unit is Republic of Korean Army's longest dispatched unit and about 6700 soldiers have been dispatched since 2007 according to the U.N. Security Council's Resolution 1701. Currently, it is contributing to peace and stability in the Middle East area through peach keeping operations being conducted by about 330 soldiers at 20 camps.

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