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[11th·36th Army Division] Soldiers' Postponement of a Discharge From Military Service for Successful Hosting of PyeongChang Oly...

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A story of some soldiers, who have postponed a discharge from the service for the accomplishment of their security support duties during 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics and Paralympics, is the talk of the town.

The soldiers are staff sergeants of the 11th Army Division, Park, Hyeok-jae and Park, Hee-min, and sergeants of the 36th Army Division, Ga, Dong-heon and Go, Jeong-jin.

Staff sergeants Park, Hyeok-jae and Park, Hee-min were soldiers when they joined the army in 2015. They have been carrying out their duties as a squad leader and a deputy squad leader individually since being commissioned as a professional staff sergeant last year.

Even though Park, Hyeok-jae and Park, Hee-min were supposed to be discharged from the army on January 26 this year and on November 10 last year, individually, their dates were delayed until after six months and four months, individually, because a duty of supporting the security of the Olympics was assigned to their camp.

Their duty is to control people and vehicles while staying closest to the main facilities including stadiums and to initially react to any unexpected threats.

In the situation where the squad leader and the deputy squad leader are out of the camp for the accomplishment of a long-term duty, they judged that the squad members would have hard time if they left. So they decided to complete their duties with their fellow soldiers.

Staff sergeant Park, Hyeok-jae said, “Accomplishing a duty with my fellow soldiers for successful hosting of the Olympics, a place for festival the whole world watches, will become the most memorable thing in my life," and added, “I will complete my duty on a sense of responsibility, considering myself as a Republic of Korean national athlete.”

As for sergeants Ga, Dong-heon and Go, Jeong-jin, who are supposed to be discharged from the army on coming March 20, they decided to postpone their dates until after the end of the Olympics without any hesitation and volunteered to accomplish their duties when it was confirmed that their camp would move to PyeongChang with a duty of supporting the Olympics last September, even though it was determined that any sergeants who are supposed to be discharged from the army on March should remain in the camp in consideration of vacation before being discharged.

According to the sergeants, the decision was made to complete their military life accomplishing a duty with their fellow soldiers and contributing themselves to successful hosting of the Olympics.

Sergeant Go said, “I believe a little devotion and effort from soldiers like me will become the foundation for safe and successful hosting of the Olympics,” and added, "I will perform all my missions as a member of the sturdy and proud Republic of Korean Army until after the end of the Olympics."

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