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Expansion of Support for Child Care: Yearly Increase in Soldier Couples

As a soldier who should think of the country as their top priority, walking alone on the soldier's path can be lonely and precarious at times. This is why the number of soldier couples, who understand and trust each other the most, is increasing.


According to the defense ministry, the number of soldier couples has increased three years in a row: there were 2168 couples in 2014, 2229 couples in 2015, and 2240 couples in 2016. In terms of armed services, as of last year, 1590 couples, 330 couples, and 330 couples were in the army, navy, and air force, respectively.


To help soldiers’ families remain healthy, the military has been implementing a "full-time service in the same area" system for soldier couples, helping them to serve in the same area if possible.


In addition, institutional support has been boosted by guaranteeing male soldiers the opportunity to take care of children just as much as female soldiers do, and establishing a new "child care leave" system for soldier couples with children under high school age.


The defense ministry's active support and positive awareness spreading within the military has been bringing about a steady increase in the number of soldiers on child care leave: 1165 soldiers in 2013 and 1761 soldiers last year.


Male military personnel child care leave applications rose significantly, from only 15% in the past to up to 35% in 2017.


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