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Holding hands for economic support to build a powerful army

Holding hands for economic support to build a powe

Meeting of 100 key officials from two ministries to discuss Defense Reform 2.0, find efficiencies in the national defense budget and create jobs for discharged soldiers

The Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Strategy and Finance have created a culture of sharing their main work, including national defense and job creation for young people. On February 26, the two ministries had a meeting with the aim of enhancing the awareness related to security at the Army Headquarters, Gyeryongdae, Chungnam. This is the first time that the two ministries have put their heads together to solve problems related to security and jobs for young people.  

Significantly, the Ministry of National Defense aroused the interest of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance with its detailed explanation of "Defense Reform 2.0," paving the way for active support.

In keeping with the importance of the meeting, it was attended by 100 key people from the two ministries, including 70 commanders and executives from the Ministry of National Defense such as Minister Song Young-moo, Army Chief of Staff Kim Yong-wu, Navy Chief of Staff Eom Hyeon-seong, and Air Force Chief of Staff Lee Wang-keun, and 30 executives and security officials from the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, such as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance Kim Dong-yeon, chief of the budget office and assistant deputy minister. 

Through the meeting, the two ministries shared the military's firm defense readiness posture after the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. They also discussed "Defense Reform 2.0," "efficiencies in the national defense budget," and "plans for soldiers to smoothly return to society after military service and job creation" to help strengthen the Korean military.  

“Defense Reform 2.0 aims to convert the military from a powerful but lumbering dinosaur into a sleek leopard, and we ask the Ministry of Strategy and Finance for its strong support in this area,” said Minister Song at the meeting. Emphasizing that “The Ministry of National Defense will also carry out a painful restructuring, including a reduction of its budget by approximately ten trillion won,” he added that the military promises “to engage in a careful review, so that the taxes collected from the people can be used in essential areas, while cutting down unnecessary spending.”  

“In addition to expanding investment for Defense Reform 2.0, there is also a need for efficient spending,” said Deputy Prime Minister Kim. “Today I hope to start off on the right track to construct the most powerful army in terms of defense and to pave the way for the fourth industrial revolution and sustainable economic development," he said with hopefulness. “I have been thinking about people's national security or defense concerns after the Winter Olympics, and I wanted to check on the military's firm national defense and security posture. I also want to show that our economic team is strongly committed to supporting our security,” he added.  



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