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[ROKAF 17th Fighter Wing] Thorough Wartime Operational Readiness All Night And Day

 [ROKAF 17th Fighter Wing] Thorough Wartime Operat

On November 20th, the ROKAF 17th Fighter Wing announced that they had strengthened their crisis management ability and their ability to conduct operations in wartime through a number of training exercises, including "Air Force-Army Joint Night Base Defense," during the second Operation Readiness Exercise (ORE) 2017.

During the ORE, which was held day and night from November 13th to 16th, the 17th Fighter Wing carried out twenty exercises including crisis action team call-up, comprehensive base defense, emergency refueling, and emergency control tower mobilization,

Through the Field Training Exercise (FTX) for each division connected with the Command Post Exercise (CPX), they aimed to improve the crisis management ability of the commander and staff and the mission accomplishment ability of the combat personnel, in preparation for the complex situations that can be anticipated in wartime.

In addition, they established their defense readiness against radioactive warfare through a tactical discussion about "procedures of protective operations in nuclear warfare" in preparation for North Korea's nuclear threat during a post combat exercise.

Significantly, they enhanced their ability to threaten a base by conducting the Air Force-Army Joint Night Base Defense exercise, assuming that Army 37th Division and 13th Special Forces Airborne Brigade penetrate into the enemy's special forces base.

As Inspection and Security Office Chief of the 17th Fighter Wing General Park, Jun-hong put it, “An intensive exercise that is similar to an actual warfare situation is the true key to successfully overcoming a crisis situation in an actual war. Through exercises, we were able to inspire the will to fight in our soldiers, while intensifying the ability of the air wing to conduct operations.” 

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