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[Cheonghae 24th Unit] “Victory! Safe Return From Somali Waters”

 [Cheonghae 24th Unit] “Victory! Safe Return From

The Cheonghae 24th Unit "Dae Joyeong" made a port call in Jinhae on November 21st after accomplishing a mission that included an anti-piracy operation and humanitarian assistance for drifting vessels, during a period of about 200 days in Somali waters.

Deployed last May, the Cheonghae 24th Unit safely escorted a total of nine hundred vessels from Republic of Korea and other countries and joined the EU's anti-piracy operation to strengthen the operational interoperability and their ability to carry out combined operations. In the middle of its deployment to the Somali waters, the Cheonghae Unit carried out a highly publicized rescue of a Republic of Korean tanker that was believed to have been held hostage. On the way home, it reacted to terror information on Republic of Korean vessels in Southeast Asia waters. The Cheonghae Unit maintained perfect readiness, from beginning to end of its mission.

Along with humanitarian assistance activities that included escorting Somalia-flagged and Yemen-flagged drifting vessels and medical treatment for emergency patients, the Cheonghae Unit made an effort to enhance Korea's prestige through participation in the International Naval Review and the International Maritime Defense Exhibition held in Singapore, invitation for main personnel and overseas Korean, and performed voluntary service at a special school in Seychelles.

On that day in Jinhae, the Republic of Korea Fleet Command (COMROKFLT) held a ceremony welcoming the entrance of the Cheonghae 24th Unit "Dae Joyeong' into port under the supervision of the Commander of COMROKFLT Jeong, Jin-seop. One thousand people including main commanders, sailors, and the families of Cheonghae Unit soldiers participated in the ceremony to celebrate the safe return and mission accomplishment of the Cheonghae Unit soldiers.


The Cheonghae 24th Unit "Dae Joyeong" made a port

In the welcoming ceremony, Commander Jeong praised the Cheonghae 24th Unit for accomplishing their mission, and asked them to keep striving to protect the ocean for their country, because protecting the lives and property of the people is the military's duty.

Commander of the Cheonghae 24th Unit General Choi, Seong-hyeok said, “I really would like to thank my crew, who trusted and followed me in the strange Somali waters despite the waves and the heat. Thanks to them, we were able to accomplish our mission and return home safely. We will keep doing our best to accomplish our mission to protect our country's ocean.” After a short maintenance period, the Dae Joyeong will return to its mission of protecting the ocean for Korea.

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