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[Second Operational Command] Republic of Korea-U.S. Soldiers Console Pohang in its Sorrow

 [Second Operational Command] Republic of Korea-U.S. Sol

On November 22, the Second Army Operational Command (Second Operational Command) announced that they had contributed to the restoration of the Pohang area, which has been designated as a special disaster area.

About one hundred soldiers, including commissioned officers belonging to the Second Operational Command and U.S. soldiers on detached service, volunteered to visit Heunghae-eup in Pohang, where aid in restoration is urgently needed, to support the efforts to restore the collapsed facilities. With full empathy for the pain of local residents, the Second Operational Command and 540 soldiers from the 50th Division and the 201st Special Assault Brigade have been supporting the restoration efforts by operating ten pieces of heavy machinery there, including dump trucks and excavators, since the area was damaged by an earthquake on November 15. At the same time, the Second Operational Command has been positively supporting efforts to restore the area from damages, such as proactive confirmation of the damage restoration cost, by managing a liaison officer for each of six local autonomous entities damaged by the earthquake.

Commander of the Second Operational Command General Park, Han-ki said, "Supporting those who are suffering due to a national disaster is another mission of the military. The Republic of Korea-U.S. soldiers will work together to do our best to help relieve the Pohang residents' pain, even if only a little bit.”

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