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[1st Marine Division] ‘Every Shot Told’ by an Invincible Republic of Korean Marine!

[1st Marine Division] ‘Every Shot Told’ by an Invi

The 1st Marine Division is fostering squadron-level combat firing practice trainers through its actual fight training.


The Division announced on December 7, “We are conducting collective education for combat firing practice trainers to establish full combat readiness in the camp and on the combat firing practice range from December 4 to December 8.”


Republic of Korean marines' combat firing practice was introduced in 2015 with the aim of departing from the standardized method of firing, centering on the improvement of the accuracy rate at known distances (100-200-250m), and to improve the squadron-level combat power by analyzing actual combat cases. The practice features combat fire by level, preliminary fire as Level 1 to squadron-level combat fire in urban areas as Level 8, based on classifications of individual fire and squadron (team) combat fire.


58 combat firing trainers from squadron-level subordinate units participated in this collective training and the Division deployed seven handpicked trainers. The training was focused on mastering the act of applied firing required in the actual battlefield and cultivating trainer skills. The participants fired 200 times day and night every day for applied fire by posture, fire in CBR warfare, and fire with supervisory equipment. In addition to the improvement of personal marksmanship, they concentrated on mastering training methods, the correction of posture, and the ability to control safety, which are indispensable to trainers.


After the training, the Division plans to maximize the combat power of each battalion by carrying out battalion-based self-education by the trainees who completed the training and firing for assessment under the supervision of the Division.


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