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'Stronger and Healthier Navy'

"Stronger and Healthier Navy"

Admiral Um, Hyun-seong, Republic of Korea's chief of naval operations, made his New Year's first visit to Daejeon National Cemetery on January 2 with fifty attendants including all the admirals and branch leaders from the navy headquarters and representatives of each position in order to worship the memorial tower and the tombs of the fallen soldiers.

Admiral Um visited the joint tomb of the soldiers fallen in the Second Battle of Yeonpyeong and the Shelling of Yeonpyeongdo, the joint tomb of 46 seamen killed in Cheonan sinking, and the tomb of the warrant officer Han, Ju-ho in succession.

After visit, Admiral Um said to the soldiers accompanying him, “In the Year of Golden Dog, let's devote ourselves to the protection of national waters with a stronger spirit not to make useless the fallen soldiers' sacrifice to protect Republic of Korean waters and islands.”

On that day, Admiral Um made his New Year's address for all the naval and marine forces, emphasizing a resolute pursuit of defense reform making the military stronger and healthier for the embodiment of how important the military and naval ability in waters to back up national policies.


He said, “Defense reform is not only an order from the people but also a national mission of the times. This year is the first year of Defense Reform 2.0,” and emphasized, “We should keep in mind that it is directly related to our final goal, 'We Must Win If We Fight, Credible Navy.'

“We, Republic of Korean naval and marine forces, should protect national existence and people's lives by preventing threats from waters and should contribute to the prosperity of our country by protecting the sovereignty, and rights and interests over waters,” he added. He also asked them to concentrate on maritime security operations and supporting manpower, equipment, and supplies, saying that successful hosting of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics and Paralympics is a national task to strengthen the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsular.

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