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'Maintenance of Sturdy Readiness Posture Against Enemy's Provocations'

Maintenance of Sturdy Readiness Posture Against En

On January 4, the Air Force Chief of Staff Lee, Wang-keun made his New Year's visit to the Air Force 11th Fighter Wing (11th Fighter Wing) managing F-15K fighter jets, which can precisely strike the starting point of the enemy's provocations.

During visit to the 11th Fighter Wing, Chief of Staff Lee checked on a readiness posture of the alert power of the wing and the mental armament of operational personnel, and cheered up the soldiers devoting themselves to the performance of duties.

After the alert room's briefing on operation status, Chief of Staff Lee asked the operational personnel to maintain a firm readiness posture against the enemy's strategic and tactic provocations and to keep interested in managing the agents' fatigue level because this is the time when a continuous readiness posture is emphasized.

Praising the 11th Fighter Wing's soldiers for their hard work with regard to the recent achievement of 150,000-hour flying with zero incident, in addition, Chief of Staff Lee asked them to continue their great tradition of safe flying by practising field-based, preemptive safety management for operations in winter season and the sense of safety putting emphasis on basic principles.

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