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Make Soldiers Notice: Patient First

“Let's make soldiers notice military medical care is getting better!”

Brigadier General Ahn, Jong-seong, commander of Republic of Korean Armed Forces Medical Command (AFMC), emphasized at a swearing-in ceremony to push forward military medical innovations and to establish a "Patient First" culture held on January 2, "We should pursue military medical innovations on a crisis that this year is the right time to enhance the military medical care system in an innovative way. He also asked all the members of the AFMC to cooperate so that innovations for the "Patient First" culture can lead to any tangible results. 


After declaring the year 2017 as the first year for military medical innovations, the AFMC has been active in pursuing various military medical innovations, including the establishment of the "Patient First" culture and "Project Today" to let every patient who comes in for treatment receive full treatment on that day, in order to establish a credible medical support system for the people and soldiers.

Based on this, the challenge to the innovations aiming to enhance the quality of patients' lives and to make soldiers feel it will begin in earnest in 2018.

Accordingly, the AFMC plans to lead surgery-focused function for a specialized military hospital, adjustment of the number of sickbeds in a military hospital, relocation and expansion of medical manpower including long-term army surgeons based on civil-military cooperation, improvement of the medical treatment of a military hospital, and efficient operation of a trauma center and the Armed Forces Capital Hospital.

"We will push forward innovations to establish a credible military medical system for the people who send their sons to the military and for the soldiers in military duties, " an AFMC official said.

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