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Strong and Wild, the Army is with the People

Ground Army Festival 2017_1

"Ground Army Festival 2017", a premium festival that attracts more than one million visitors every year and provides security education to visitors through live demonstrations, kicked off on the Gyeryongdae emergency runway on the 8th.

The festival, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, will be held until the 12th with the Gyeryong County Cultural Festival hosted by the city of Gyeryong City.

At the opening ceremony, which was held at 2 pm on the 8th, more than 1,000 people were in attendance, including the Deputy Minister of Defense, Seo Joo-seok, and spectators accompanied by their children.

Ground Army Festival 2017_2

Ground Army Festival 2017_3

At the opening ceremony, Sergeant First Class Ha Jae Heon, who was injured by a North Korean PMD series mine, Chief of the Army Kim Yongwoo, and Mayor of Geryong Choi Hongmook hit the drums to announce the opening. Taekwondo and special martial arts demonstrations, a military band and ceremonial performances, an air show, performances from entertainers, guerrilla dating, and group performances followed.

At the venue, the Army exhibited the latest combat equipment, including helicopters, tanks, armored vehicles and self-propelled weapons.

Visitors had the chance to operate a state-of-the-art weapons system simulator, as well as have a rare chance to climb inside various tactical devices such as tanks, armored vehicles, self-propelled weapons and helicopters on the emergency runway, and experience army life. The event also featured demonstrations of high-altitude and tactical maneuvers by the ROK Army and the US Army. At the emergency runway main performance hall, ceremonial guard demonstrations and various performances were ongoing.


Ground Army Festival 2017_4

Ground Army Festival 2017_5

The festival also featured attractions like the Army Plastic Model Competition (Armiacher), Army Combat Food and Barracks Experience, Gyeryongdae Tour, Army Ranger Experience, and Drone Flight Experience.

"The Ground Army Festival is the world's largest military culture festival," said a member of the Army Ground Group festival planning committee. "This year, 44 programs in five fields, including exhibitions and performances, are included. I hope many people come and experience the strong Army that is defending Korea. "

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