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US Congress promises to support cooperation with North Korea

 US Congress promises to support cooperation with

Defense Secretary Song Young-moo met with US Democratic Senator Jack Reed on October 11th to discuss ways to coordinate regarding the ROK-US security situation. As secretary of the Military Commission and a member of the Appropriations Committee's National Defense Commission, Senator Reed is deeply involved in US defense policy.


Song emphasized North Korea's 6th nuclear test, continued ballistic missile launches, and provocative threats, saying, "The more North Korea sticks to nuclear and missile development and engages in provocative actions, the more isolated it will be and the more difficult the situation."

He also explained the strong willingness of the ROK-US alliance to respond to further North Korean nuclear and missile provocations, and asked for the active support and cooperation of the US Congress in the defense of the Korean Peninsula.

Expressing solidarity with Minister Song, Senator Jack Reed commented, "The continued nuclear and missile provocations by North Korea are becoming a serious threat to the US, as well as the Korean peninsula." Reaffirming the commitment to a firm defense, he added "The United States will always be with Korea in the future."

"We need to have close cooperation between the two countries in order to suppress North Korea's provocations," Senator Reed emphasized. "We will actively provide support at the US Congress level to strengthen the ROK-US alliance and to maintain a strong ROK-US defense posture," he also promised.


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