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[Army 25 Division] Cheering and Encouragement instead of tears

 [Army 25 Division] Cheering and Encouragement ins

The Army 25th Infantry Recruitment Battalion announced on November 3rd that it held a "Small Entry Festival" with all the family members and acquaintances in attendance with the Seoul Military Manpower Administration on the 31st of last month to support the entrance festival and their admission.


The "Small Entry Festival," which provided some sights and sounds, food and enjoyment while young men join the army, was held to ease the worries and anxieties in the minds of the young men and their families.

Participants are invited to participate in cheering and encouragement festivals such as wearing combat uniforms, equipment exhibitions, biscuits and battle food service, counseling over issues and complaints, piggyback rides for parents, writing letters of love, and military band performances, making it a festival full of cheering and encouraging instead of tears.

One of young man’s father said, "I realized the atmosphere of the army has totally changed compared to about 30 years ago." "I thought I would like to do military service again, and my anxiousness was gone. I want to go back, and I was able to comfortably leave myself as the son of the country", he said.

Recruiting officer Han Ju-hee (Colonel), who prepared the ceremony, said "We have organized a variety of events to relieve some of the insecurities of the young men entering and their families, and to feel pride in military service. I will give substantial training to these young men who will join the military, and transform them into victorious warriors. "


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