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[The 1st Marine Division] Fatigue Eased and Mood Elevated through Cheerful Martial Music and Busking

[The 1st Marine Division] Fatigue Eased and Mood E

Martial music and busking makes troop information and education enjoyable.”

The 1st Marine Division is enhancing its security education for coast guard forces through the marine band.

From November 1st to 15th "Proactive training information and education" is being carried out through a security concert that incorporates military band performances and busking into security education, boosting soldier morale while enhancing the effectiveness of the education.

In particular, the military band performances, which are focused around small group and busking performances, are particularly useful for the soldiers in terms of interactive troop information and education as they can be held even in a small space, enabling the performance to be tailored to the conditions experienced by the coast guard forces.

The one-and-a-half-hour performance begins with Marine Corps education given by a troop information and education officer, followed by busking, a martial music concert, and a troop information and education quiz. The performance also teaches about the background of making a martial song for marine corps and the meaning of the lyrics. The soldiers took a great interest in singing in unison to the martial music.  

"The military band performances and busking are something I enjoy, and provide some relief from the stress of the security mission. Through the education, I was able to better understand the history of the Marine Corps in the military song, and became prouder to be a marine," said Lee Jae-rim, one of privates first class who joined the proactive troop information and education.

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