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[Ministry of National Defense] Working for a Successful Defense Reform

On November 9th, the Ministry of National Defense held the "Reserve Forces Development Seminar 2017" jointly with the Army Headquarters at the War Memorial of Korea.  

Focused on the issue of "direction of reserve forces development for successful promotion of national defense,“ there was discussion among domestic and overseas military experts about the formation of a Mobilized Forces Command, measures that can be taken to strengthen the reserve forces organization, and possible initiatives that can enhance the performance of reserve forces drills by securing combat support equipment and supplies.  

The Mobilized Forces Command is an organization that is dedicated to promptly establishing a mobilization system during wartime and to securing combat power immediately after mobilization.  

"We will focus on optimizing our reserve forces, so that their combat power can be shown immediately after they are mobilized in order to successfully promote defense reform," Vice Minister of National Defense Seo Ju-suk emphasized at the seminar.  

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