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Perfect airborne surveillance day and night

The Air Force Air Defense Control Commander (hereinafter referred to as "the Air Defense Controller") carried out 'mobile radar deployment training' to ensure a continuous air monitoring network even in emergencies.

The training, which is linked with the UFG(Ulchi Freedom Guardian) practice, was held on the 28th and lasted for 5 days and 4 nights.

The 8531 unit under the Air Defense Controller participating in the training immediately released the operational status of the mobile radar when the training situation was granted and moved to the Yeoju comprehensive tactical training ground, which is the rear area target deployment point.

After arriving at the training ground, the unit quickly deployed and installed a mobile radar. Following equipment performance checks, normal air defense missions were carried out while minimizing the virtual air monitoring gaps.

Seo Min-kwon (lieutenant colonel), the operation commander of the air defense controller who planned the training, said, "It is necessary to deploy a mobile radar when the control unit is exposed in warfare, or when a new airborne surveillance network is required due to operational necessity," he said. "Through practical training linked with UFG, I was able to improve the ability of the units to perform their war duties," he also emphasized.


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