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Military Upgrades North Korea Surveillance · Security Condition... Close Cooperation between Korea-US

Military Upgrades North Korea Surveillance · Secur

On September 3, when an artificial 5.7-magnitude quake was detected in the Punggye-ri area of North Hamkyungbuk-do Province, Republic of Korea's army surveillance and alertness towards North Korea was elevated due to the fact that North Korea has carried out its sixth nuclear test.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said, "It is estimated that the artificial 5.7-magnitude quake that occurred in the North Punggye-ri area around 12:29 am today is the North's sixth nuclear test. Immediately after the earthquake, I ordered the whole army to increase the surveillance and alertness towards North Korea."

As a result, the Republic of Korean military is reportedly preparing for an emergency situation, augmenting and deploying power to respond immediately to further provocations by North Korea.


The Ministry of National Defense and the JCS also urgently called for crisis countermeasures, and the ROK and US military authorities are coordinating closely to monitor the movements of North Korean troops.

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