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Remaining Four THAAD Launchers to be Temporary Placed in the Near Future

Four of the remaining launchers of the USFK Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) will be temporarily deployed in Sungju, Gyeongbuk Province in the near future.

On September 4th, a spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense made the following announcement: "We have completed a small-scale environmental impact assessment consultation on the site of the THAAD deployment with the Ministry of Environment." The Ministry of National Defense will allow US-backed construction work for the temporary operation of some equipment already deployed, as announced by the government. In addition, there are plans to temporarily deploy the remaining launchers in consultation with the US to deal with North Korea's growing nuclear and missile threats.

The Ministry of National Defense spokesperson also commented, "The government has thoroughly and strictly required the United States to perform general environmental impact assessments of the entire site that is to be donated, and we will reflect the results in the final decision on the deployment of THAAD to ensure democratic and procedural justification and transparency."

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