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[Navy 1st Fleet] Restoration of the Port Harbor 'As good as new in a flash'

[Navy 1st Fleet] Restoration of the Port Harbor

The Navy 1st Fleet Facilities Battalion ran a harbor damage recovery drill on the 21st at the unit training camp based on an enemy missile attack scenario, and was able to quickly recover the damaged port and restore its strength.


The training was designed to strengthen the organic operation capability of the operation and support elements, and to master the procedures for carrying out mission-specific tasks.

The training included 40 units of service battalions and SSU soldiers, and heavy equipment such as cranes and forklifts. The fleet dispatched an emergency recovery team on the assumption that the port had been exposed to an enemy attack. The soldiers who arrived at the site normalized the harbor’s functions by salvaging the remnants of underwater bombardment, transporting recovery materials, and strengthening harbor facilities.

Kang Bo-sung (Lieutenant Colonel), commander of the service battalion, said, "Through our practical training, we have secured the ability to quickly and completely recover the harbor, under any circumstances. We will continue to do our utmost to ensure that the fleet can fight and win against the enemy, while demonstrating the highest level of combat strength."


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