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Army Capital Defense Command Begins '2017 Hwarang Training'

The Army Capital Defense Command (hereinafter referred to as CDC) will conduct Hwarang Training throughout Seoul from September 25th to 29th

A total of 77,000 trainees, including CDC, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, 25 autonomous regions, state-owned facilities, and reserve forces will master and verify the operation procedures against enemy urban terrorism and provocations.

In addition, by declaring a unified defense situation through holding an integrated defense council and engaging in realistic scenario training by operating actual opposition forces, the training will establish the integrated state defense of important facilities.

CDC said, "During the training period, we will minimize the inconvenience to the public by taking sufficient measures for safety, and in particular will be operating a traffic control center at major intersections to ensure the safety of citizens."

Based on the concept of a total war effort in response to enemy infiltration, local provocations and threats, the Hwarang training was conducted in accordance with the 'Integrated Defense Law' enacted in 1997, to establish an integrated civilian, goverment offical, military, and police defense posture centered on local governments, as a regular exercise conducted once every two years led by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


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