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[Air Force] First solo operation ... Remembering a day of victory

On September 21st, the air force commemorated the

On September 21st, the air force commemorated the first independent operation of the ROKAF during the Korean War, and re-examined its contribution to the 351 annexation of the Gangneung Base Air Force by holding the 'Gangneung Base Air Force Operation Commemoration Ceremony' at Goseong-gun Unification Observatory near Gangneung Station and 351 Highlands.

The event, which was co-hosted by the Air Force and the Republic of Korea Air Force Veterans Association, was attended by more than 2,000 people including the Air Force Chiefs of Staff, members of the Air Force, members of the Veterans' group, and members of the public, following 'Air Force Operation Victory Event' and 'Operation Ceremony for the Battle support of 351 Highland Battle.'

On October 11th, 1951, the Korean Air Force had its first solo flight operation. Including its three major wartime accomplishments of the "Demolition of Seungho-ri steel bridge," the "Pyongyang Great Bombing Operation" and the "351 Highland Combat Air Support Operation," a total of 7818 sorties from Gangneung base, the hometown of Korea’s combat pilots, were recorded during the war.

The event featured a wide range of exhibitions including airplanes and armed forces vehicles, North Korean military equipment, pictures of the Gangneung province's Korean War record, air force booths, and many other attractions, including the Black Eagles Air Show, Air force military band & honor guard, and Primo children's choir performances. In this way, it provided a forum for civic, government and military unification and security education.

"The Air Force will re-energize the patriotism and spirit of sacrifice of its veterans, who defended this country with their indomitable will," said Lee Wang-Keun, chief of staff of Air Force, in his commemorative speech. "We will repudiate any enemy provocation quickly and thoroughly while maintaining a steady military preparedness."

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