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First steps in the military’s efforts to eliminate 'deep-rooted corruption'

First meeting held to determine agenda items, including 'online comments investigation'


The 'committee to eliminate deep-rooted corruption in the military' has been taking its first steps. On September 25, Song Young-moo, Minister of Defense, presented the commission to the members of the committee to eliminate deep-rooted corruption in the military. Song emphasized in his letter of intent that "This committee will operate based on the belief that the only way forward for the Ministry of Defense is for it to reflect on itself and change from the roots. We will ask for active attention and sound criticism."

The committee then held its first meeting under the chairmanship of Kang Ji-won (former chairman of the Youth Protection Committee). At the meeting, the committee held discussions on 'Online Command Comments,' 'Human Rights Violations, Sexual Violence Prevention and System Improvement,' 'Elimination of Overuse of Power and Eradication of Private Organizations,' 'Investigation of Military Soldiers and Civilian Inspectors,' 'Corruption in the defense industry and efforts to improve the system,' 'Identification of the truth when there are military deaths under suspicious circumstances,' 'Improvement of security education system for left and right polarity,' 'Eradication of military corruption and systemic improvement' and other issues.


The selection agendas will be discussed intensively at the second meeting scheduled for October 16th. At the second meeting, an additional agenda will be selected through discussion based on the agenda proposed by external members.


A spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense stated, "Once the agenda is finalized, a subcommittee will be organized and operated."

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