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[Air Force Logistics Command] Establish the best transport support posture!

[Air Force Logistics Command] Establish the best t

On September 25th, the 60th Transportation Group of Air Force Logistics Command (hereinafter referred to as the "Logistics Command") held the '24th Air Transport Capacity Assessment Competition' and announced that it had strengthened the ability and mutual cohesion of all military forces.

The event took place at the parking ramp of ROKAF 5th Air Mobility Wing, and included 48 members of the Air Force Transportation Support Group, 20 members of the Army Logistics Command and Logistics Support Command, and 82 members of the Navy Observer.

The competition was held over the course of two days, and included an opening ceremony, wartime air transportation training, pilot demonstration and evaluation of aerial delivery rigging, air cargo pallet package evaluation, practical and academic evaluation, air cargo loading and unloading evaluation, and a closing ceremony.

Significantly, this year's competition was the first time the ‘pilot training of the aerial delivery rigging’ for the air force transportation support team of the whole country was held, and included practical training for wartime such as the installation of the Air Terminal Supply Point (ATSP).

In addition, the Logistics Command consisted of 14 evaluators, all of which were soldiers ranked first sergeant or higher with more than 27 years service in the field of air transportation, to ensure a fair evaluation.

"The percentage of US air transportation has increased from 10 percent to 30 percent since the Gulf War," said Lee Jung-geun(Colonel), 601 unit commander, of Air Force 60th Transportation Squadron who is leading this training. "We will do our utmost to establish the best transportation support posture in order to prepare for the changing future battlefield, and to rapidly supply the goods, whatever the circumstances," he emphasized.

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