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Encouraging ROK and US soldiers in the JSA area

Encouraging ROK and US soldiers in the JSA area

Jung Kyung-Doo, Joint Chiefs of Staff, visited the Joint Security Area (JSA) guard station and the front GOP battalion on September 30, the first day of the Korean Thanksgiving holidays.

On this day, field guidance was carried out in order to check the preparedness of our army for a serious security situation and to encourage the ROK and US soldiers who are absorbed in their duties during the Korean Thanksgiving holidays.

When he visited the JSA battalion, Jung was briefed on the trends of the North Korean troops in Oulellet, which is only 25 meters away from the Military Demarcation Line, and visited the Freedom House and the conference room in the JSA. At this meeting, Jung said, "I feel an unlimited confidence in the way the ROK and US soldiers maintain a solid coalition of preparedness and comradeship in the front line of the de-militarized zone," adding that "The ROK-US alliance and our united defense posture, which have been sustained by the solid alliance, will defend the Republic of Korea and protect the safety of our people." Afterwards, Chief Jung inspected the forefront GOP battalion and checked the scientific surveillance system and the surveillance posture.

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