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Maritime missile defense exercise carried out by Korea, US and J...

Maritime missile defense exercise carried out by Korea, US and Japan

- A maritime missile defense exercise was held on April 17 (Monday) in the East Sea, involving Aegis destroyers from Korea, the US, and Japan, including the YulGok Yi I destroyer

- The exercise involved sharing target information and conducting a simulated response to North Korea's ballistic missile targets

- The exercise aims to improve trilateral ballistic defense against North Korea's growing nuclear and missile threats

On April 17, the navies of South Korea, the United States, and Japan conducted a joint exercise on international waters in the East Sea to strengthen their ballistic missile defense capabilities against North Korea's increasingly advanced nuclear and missile threats.

The trilateral ballistic missile defense exercise featured the ROKS YulGok Yi I, USS Benfold, and JS Atago of Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force, all of which were outfitted with the Aegis Combat System.

The purpose of the exercise was to practice detecting, tracking, and sharing information on simulated virtual ballistic missile targets in a hypothetical ballistic missile provocation scenario initiated by North Korea.


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