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Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup visits the Air Force's 1st Fighter...

Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup visits the Air Force's 1st Fighter Wing to observe the operations of a robust and combat-ready military unit 

—Emphasized the importance of creating an environment that prioritizes intensive training

—Conducted a safety inspection and provided encouragement to the Polish Air Force pilots who are undergoing training

Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup pays visit to Air Force's 1st Fighter Wing, witnessing a robust and combat-ready military, and provides encouragement to soldiers.

Minister Lee visited the simulator training center of the integrated education battalion, where he stressed the importance of prioritizing intensive training for elite combat pilots. He urged the personnel to work together in building a strong, combat-oriented military, emphasizing the need to develop effective combat skills and a warrior spirit that never accepts defeat.

Minister Lee proceeded to a hangar where he conducted a comprehensive inspection of the safety management system and aircraft maintenance, ensuring rigorous safety protocols were in place.


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