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Korea-Australia Defense Ministers’ Breakfast Meeting

Korea-Australia Defense Ministers’ Breakfast Meeting

- Discussed cooperation within Korea-Australia’s Indo-Pacific strategy
- Agreed to deepen the development of bilateral defense cooperation

Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup had a breakfast meeting with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of Australia Richard Marles, who visited Korea to attend the first Korea-Pacific Islands Summit, on the morning of May 30 (Tuesday). They exchanged views on the situation on the Korean Peninsula and key regions and outstanding bilateral defense issues.
* This is the fourth meeting between the two ministers (June 10, 2022, August 4, 2022, November 22, 2022)

The two ministers shared views that Korea and Australia are core partners sharing values in the Indo-Pacific, and agreed to further promote defense cooperation for freedom, peace and prosperity in the region.

Minister Marles stated that Korea’s Indo-Pacific strategy and the Defense Strategy Review, which was unveiled by the Australian government last April, share many common elements. Particularly, he acknowledged that Korean government’s commitment to expanding its role in the Indo-Pacific, a sentiment he noted at the 2023 Korea-Pacific Islands Summit held on May 29. Furthermore, he expressed an intention to strengthen defense cooperation with Korea in the Pacific Islands and Indo-Pacific region.

Minister Lee emphasized the necessity of cooperation among countries that share the values of peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific. As part of this, he expressed an intention for the Korean military to participate for the first time in both the Indo-Pacific Endeavor, a multinational combined exercise coordinated by Australia, and Render Safe, an initiative aimed at clearing explosive remnants of war from Pacific Island communities. Furthermore, he advocated for the development of a mutually beneficial relationship in the defense industry.

The two ministers agreed on the need to revise the MOU for bilateral defense cooperation, which was signed in 2011. They also acknowledged the importance of holding working-level meetings, considering the expansion and deepening of defense cooperation between Korea and Australia in various areas.

The two ministers promised to meet again this year at an appropriate time.


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