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“Effective defense of US bases possible by transferring to Pyeongtaek base”

“Effective defense of US bases possible by transferring to Pyeongtaek base”

Consolidate into two hubs

Defend all facilities with Patriot missiles

Full preparation against North Korea’s asymmetrical military power

Effective defense of US bases possible by transfer

Thomas Vandal, the commander-in-chief of the 8th US Army, said that "The USFK bases are integrated into the Pyeongtaek base and effective defense has become possible."


At the press conference for the ceremony to open the newly built bases of the US 8th Army Division on the 11th of July, the commander said “More than 170 bases and facilities of the USFK were dispersed from the north to the south of the Han River, but have now been integrated in to the two hubs of Pyeongtaek and Daegu-Busan.”


In response to a question on whether the Pyeongtaek US military base lies outside the defensive zone of the high-altitude area defense system (THAAD) of Gyeongbuk Sungju, the Commander explained that the Patriot missile system is capable of defending the base. Commander Vandal said, "THAAD is a multi-regional defense system, while the Patriot is a point defense system." He also added, "With the deployment of the Patriot system, we can block all airfield facilities at the Pyeongtaek US base."


Commander Vandal also emphasized that THAAD is a system set up to defend the major ports, cities and logistical support facilities in the southern regions. He said, "The US military bases are being integrated into the Busan-Daegu hubs, which are centered in the Pyeongtaek and other military bases." He also added, “THAAD can protect 10 million Korean citizens in the southern region as well as major logistics support facilities, because it can intercept missile attacks from North Korea from the top of the atmosphere."


In addition, Commander Vandal confidently stated that US forces are prepared for North Korea's asymmetrical military power. He said, "Kim Jong Eun’s efforts to make weapons of mass destruction such as ballistic missiles and CBRs, as well as the special forces, cyber warfare, and long-range artillery weapons etc. are threatening everything. To prepare for these threats, all of the soldiers of the USFK, as well as the Eighth US Army division, are engaged in mission-specific training and exercises.”


About the Pyeongtaek base, Commander Vandal said that "The Humphreys base has a state-of-the-art facility for the 21st century, including the C4I system, and quality of life for soldiers has improved greatly with new barracks, restaurants and facilities. He also emphasized, "The relocation of the US 8th base construction is based on the condition that the US armed forces will not lose their focus on North Korea, and will be ready in the event of unforeseen situations. The US armed forces have not lost their ‘fight tonight’ spirit."


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