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67 New members of the “red scarf” initiated

67 New members of the “red scarf” initiated


67 New members of the “red scarf” initiated

A symbol of ROKA Air Pilots, the 'Red Scarf' now decorates the necks of 67 pilots who are ready to show us what perfect air defense is all about. On the 18th, the Air Force held a ceremony for the completion of the 17-2 pilot education course at the 1st fighter wing (FW) base’s  assembly hall.   

At the ceremony, 67 new pilots who had completed 1 year and 8 months of rigorous introductory - elementary - high flying education received the Red Scarf, a symbol of Air Force pilots, from the Deputy Chief of the Air Force.
The new pilots will carry out their air defense missions in the first Il-sun Choi flight battalion through 'Lead-In Fighter Training' (LIFT) or 'Combat Readiness Training' (CRT).
The event began with a ceremony to honor the senior pilots who had devoted themselves to protecting our country. Then the awarding of certificates of excellence took place, and finally the Red Scarf ritual and the awarding of military breast pins was performed.

 Gun-wan Lee, Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff, emphasized, "We will be the best air combat specialists in the world, recognizing the rigorous requirements of our security situation and fulfilling our mission perfectly to serve the public interest and expectations of the Air Force". He also added, “We will strive to build the right flight safety awareness and habits in our pilots, throughout their careers."

As well, the ceremony honored the following members of the Air Force: ▲ Lieutenant Kim Gyeong-dong, the first flight instructor for the T-50 aircraft in the high flying education course ▲ KF-16 active pilot Lt. Ha Tae Seung, who along with his brother is a distinguished pilot ▲Lieutenant Lee Chang-moo, who became a pilot in the air force after his father served our country as an army infantry officer and his grandfather who was a veteran of the Korean war.

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