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“We will send them back to their loving families”

“We will send them back to their loving families”

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At the battle site of Hwacheon Sangchang-ri

A total of 300 soldiers, working during the heat wave and heavy rain

We will send them back to their loving families

15 Division of the army is carrying out an exhumation operation in the Bokju Mountain area at Sangchang-ri, Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do from July 3 to August 4.

The area was a battlefield during the Korean war, and was known as the battle of Hwacheon, where the 6th Division of the Army and the 3rd Division of the Chinese Army fought for control over the area. The division has assigned more than 300 Beakho artillery battalion soldiers in this area to uncover the remains of the dead soldiers of the Korean war.


With the hot sun and monsoon season affecting the July weather, the exhumation operation is very difficult. But the soldiers continue working with their hands, using picks, shovels, hoes and brushes instead of heavy equipment to prevent the loss of the precious remains. Based on information provided in the testimony of veterans, earthwork is in progress. So far, the division has found three corpses and approximately 400 articles left behind by the deceased soldiers.


Ja-joon Sohn (Lieutenant Colonel), the Beakho artillery battalion commander, said, “All of the soldiers in this unit are doing their best to find the remains of the elders who sacrificed their lives for the country, as they are buried in this unknown mountain area.”



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