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Showing actions instead of words … Disclosure of Precision Strike Ballistic Missiles to the North Korean Military

Showing actions instead of words … Disclosure of Precision Strike Ballistic Missiles to the North Korean Military

We showed 'action' rather than 'words.' Republic of Korea and the United States sent a stern warning message on the 29th that they were conducting joint ballistic missile shooting training against North Korea's intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) missile launch provocations.

The Secretary of Defense Young-moo Song visited the Patriot battalions near the metropolitan areas on the 30th and ordered the soldiers to be fully prepared. It was also the first indication that a new type of ballistic missile capable of precisely striking North Korea's nuclear and missile base has been successfully developed and tested. This strong response from the US and Republic of Korea follows the instructions of President Moon Jae-in to "develop more powerful demonstrations of military force."

Minister Song also announced on the day of the provocation that he would be involved in ▲a joint land-based missile shooting drill ▲ strategic expansion of military assets ▲additional deployment of the THAAD launchers ▲establishment of a proprietary nuclear and missile response system.

Response to the North Korean ballistic missile launch, 2nd ROK-US Missile Launch Training was conducted the eastern coast of Korea

On the 29th, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) reported that the ROK-US Missile Corps had “conducted a second ROK-US missile firing drill on the East Coast in response to the 5:45 am North Korean ballistic missile launch.”

On the day of the shooting drills, Hyun moo-2, a ballistic missile from our military, and ATACMS, eighth US Army (EUSA) tactical ground-based missiles were mobilized and deployed for tactical surface-to-surface missiles launches. JC Ssaid, "Hyunmoo-2 and ATACMS have hit their targets precisely. We once again confirmed the ability of the Korea-US Combined Forces to strike precisely with our missiles when needed.“

On this day's training, our troops and US forces fired two Hyunmoo-2 and ATACMS, respectively. Hyunmoo-2 has a range of 300 km and ATACMS has a lot of sub-missiles in its warhead, so it can cover an area the size of 4 football fields with just one blast.

"This shot was made about six hours after North Korea launched a missile. This demonstrates the strong commitment of the ROK-US alliance to punish any provocations by North Korea, and retaliate as soon as their provocations are launched."

Chung Seung-taek (Colonel), the commander of the army's missile headquarters, who led the shooting drills in the field, warned that “If North Korea threatens us with nuclear or missiles, we will punish them promptly and strongly, as we are well prepared.“

The Secretary of Defense Young-moo Song, Secretary of Defense, inspects the Patriot Battalion ... “We will ensure our readiness for war."
Defense Minister Song Young-moo urged the soldiers to keep up with their air force Patriot Defense System for the core of the Seoul metropolitan airspace, to check the preparedness of our troops against North Korean missile provocations, and to maintain a stern anti-aircraft defense posture. Minister Song said, “The North’s reckless provocations are threatening the Korean Peninsula and the international community," referring to the launch of a ballistic missile at the site. He then urged the soldiers to "Be prepared and respond quickly to punish North Korea's missile provocations.” He also stated, "We will further strengthen our ability to defend the airspace of the metropolitan area by improving the Patriot System’s capabilities," adding, "We will soon build our own unique North Korean nuclear and missile response system."


Demonstration of new North Korean nuclear and ballistic missiles that can destroy bases … "World-class accuracy and destructive power“

Meanwhile, the Ministry of National Defense unveiled a video showing the successful test launch of a new ballistic missile that had the process of launching - flying - hitting the target, which was led by the Defense Science Institute on the 29th. According to the MND, the new missile has a system that is capable of launching four shots from the same launcher within just a few seconds, and has significantly improved accuracy and power compared to the previously unveiled ballistic missiles. It has the capability of destroying not only North Korea's nuclear and missile bases but also all of the long range artillery weapons that are positioned underground, threatening the metropolitan areas. "This means that a large number of targets can be destroyed in a short period of time," the MND emphasized. "The accuracy of the target point has improved, and one shot can cause catastrophic damage to the target."

The MND said, "Our military is equipped with the world's highest precision and destructive missiles that have the capability of immediately hitting any part of North Korea if necessary." They added, "We will continue to strengthen our military missiles and military strength. If North Korea engages in military provocations, we will retaliate with force. "

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