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'Defend Ulleungdo Island, whatever the situation!'

"Defend Ulleungdo Island, whatever the situation!"

"Defend Ulleungdo Island, whatever the situation!"

On March 20, the Marines announced that they will be conducting company-level deployment training on Ulleungdo starting on August 18th. The training, which will be held for four weeks until September 13, will involve about 90 Marines.

This is the first time that a marine corps troop landed on Ulleungdo and carried out deployment training at the company level. The training, which began in late 2013 as platoon-level deployment training, will be expanded to company-level training, with the focus shifted to improving the ability of the company to perform rapid response missions. In more detail, company-level troops will land on Ulleungdo, where they will overcome the challenges posed by the unique special terrain and complex operational environment of the island area, and prepare for the various situations that they may face on the island.

The drill began with a naval LST (Birobong) departing with the Marine Corps' rapid response force, which was given the mission to defend Ulleungdo in the crisis.

The unit landed on the eastern coast of Ulleungdo Island on the 19th, and began a full-scale Ulleungdo deployment drill by conducting precision coastal explorations.

During the four-week deployment training period, the unit will master a variety of training tasks that are consistent with the rapid response force mission. It will conduct personal and public firearms training, helicopter rappel training, unexpected mobilization arrangements check, as well as preparatory position training in relation to public, provincial, and military forces in connection with local provocations on the island. As well, humanitarian assistance and disaster rescue training with a focus on mobile troops unit operation will also be carried out.

Other training activities will include medical support for residents, purification of the coastal environment, and helping farmers.

Captain Hyungdo Kim, who is in charge of the training, said, "Through this Ulleungdo deployment training, we will maintain our ability and willingness to perform perfectly in any operational environment, no matter what mission we are assigned."

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